Wednesday, February 4, 2009

price chopper budget meals

For those of you in the Kansas City area, I have an exciting new feature for my blog (not that my entire blog isn't new...)!

Erin over at $5 Dinners sent a call out for bloggers to monitor grocery circulars in their area and suggest recipes based on each week's sales. I love a bargain, and I always read Wednesday's grocery circulars - so I jumped on the opportunity!

Each week I will review Price Chopper's circular and coordinate recipes using some of the best deals. These may or may not be recipes I've tried. If all goes well I'd like to add circulars from HyVee in the future.

Price Chopper Circular - February 4 - February 10 2009
Check out the link above for everything that's on sale this week. Here are a few hilights and some recipes to coordinate. This week's recipes came from my Dinner on a Dime cookbook and are also available on Taste of Home's website (see links):

Zesty Mustard Chicken:
Fresh Whole Fryer Chickens - $.99/lb

Cabbage with Meat Sauce:
Green Cabbage - $0.39
Tennessee Pride Sausage - $2.29

Cream Cheese Potato Soup:
Best Choice 8 oz Cream Cheese - $1.29
Farmland Special Select Ham Steaks, Cubes and Strips - $3.79
Sweet Yellow Onions - $0.99/lb

Other Hot Deals:
Best Choice Canned Vegetables - $0.49
Best Choice Diced Tomatoes - $0.49
Best Choice Condensed Soups - 3/$2
Best Choice 32 oz Pastas - 2/$4
Best Choice Jumbos Canned Biscuits - $1.29
Best Choice Frozen Vegetables - $0.99
Roma Tomatoes - $0.99


  1. Desire to leave express my admiration to the beautiful work of this Blog, yours truly, Efigênia Coutinho (Mallemont)

  2. Very excited about this! I just found the info of Bargain Meal of the week - and happy you are in the KC area like me!!
    Will be keeping your site close by!