Wednesday, February 11, 2009

beech-nut baby food coupons

I just had an awesome experience with Beech-Nut and wanted to share it with you!

I found a post about their Parent's Pack (coupons!) over at Stretching a Buck. I used Beech-Nut carrots for the wonderful Carrot-Coconut Muffins that I made this weekend, so I had to check this program out!

I called 1-800-523-6633 and spoke to a very nice lady. I told her that my daughter was too old for baby food, but that I use it in cooking. She even offered to come check my blog out! I can't wait to receive the package; I guess it should include a variety of coupons, information about their label program (to earn more coupons!) and a feeding guide (which I'll pass along to my sister who has a baby just starting to eat baby food). When I mentioned my blog she asked if I had any Gluten Free recipes; since I don't I directed her to 5 Dollar Dinners (apparently a lot of parents call in looking for Gluten Free suggestions).

I also explored Beech-Nut's website a bit and found information on the Sneaky Chef. She sneaks extra nutrition into her family's meals in a variety of ways, including adding baby food! Check out her Beech-Nut Sneaky Pizza and Pasta Sauce. Since I am more of a bottled pasta sauce gal, I think I'll take her suggestion and add a bottle of baby food veggies next time (shh... don't tell my family)!

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