Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm so proud of me!

I did it! I resisted temptation! I fought the urge! I headed to Barnes and Noble today with every intention of buying a new cookbook. Weight Watchers has a new Five Ingredients, 15 Minutes book on the newsstands and I just had to have it.

I made the trek with my grandmother and my daughter (henceforth referred to as the little princess). We first had to promise the little princess a new book in order to convince her to leave the playground without a World War III-worthy meltdown. I grabbed two bargain books to keep her entertained and then ordered an Iced Mocha Frappuccino and an asiago pretzel on my way to the magazine racks. I quickly located the book I was looking for, then managed to find about six more that piqued my interest.

I broke into the warm, crusty pretzel and slurped up the icy chocolate coffee as I flipped through the Weight Watchers cookbook. At first glance, nothing grabbed my attention enough to compel me to buy it! I am sure that on a second (or third) flip through I would have found something that I liked, but since I had so many other options at the table I set this one aside and moved on.

I flipped through the next magazine, and the next, and the next. Nothing held my attention! I don't know if I've turned over a new leaf and I am truly scouring each new cookbook before buying - or if I was just too distracted to take in what I was looking at as I flipped the pages. I imagine it's the latter; I was more interested in my delectable snack on my table than the snacks printed in the magazines, and the little princess commanded my attention: "Mommy, I dropped my book." "Mommy, I want a bite of your pretzel." "Mommy, it's hot!" "Mommy, I want a sip" - (I gave in; I am sure I'll pay for that little caffeine rush tonight!)

Somehow I felt accomplished as we headed to the register with nothing but a book for the little princess. Moral of the story?

Asiago Pretzel: $3.50
Grande Iced Mocha Frappuccino: $3.99
Finding Nemo Level 1 Reader: $3.99
Leaving the bookstore WITHOUT a new cookbook: PRICELESS!

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