Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my diabolical plan derailed (temporarily)

I was all fired up to kick off the blog and cook a new Cola Chicken recipe tonight. After a rather difficult day, I returned home to find my husband already cooking! What a wonderful surprise!

Unfortunately I can't say that he cooked a recipe for me to share with you, but I will still recommend our meal. The next time you are in a pinch or on a budget, try Betty Crocker Complete Meals. My favorite is the Three Cheese Chicken, which is what we ate tonight. For just a few dollars I can feed my family of three and usually have another small serving left over for lunch the next day. Most packaged meals are either dry or runny, but this meal has the perfect creamy texture (which says a lot coming from me, because I am picky about creamy foods).

Pillsbury's Ready to Bake S'mores cookies are another one of our family favorites. After dinner my hubby surprised me with these fresh, hot cookies too! While we do love the flavors of these cookies, I must say that they are extremely sweet - you'd better have a glass of milk on hand! Also, they are very soft and tend to fall apart when they are warm. As they cool they harden up nicely; I love to eat them out of the fridge the day after they are baked (that is, if there are any left over!).

Now back to the drawing board; tomorrow I will shoot for a great Cola Chicken. Wish me luck, and I'll share the results here!

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