Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Product Review: Bertolli Premium Vodka Rustica Pasta Sauce

Last night I couldn't decide whether to whip up a new recipe or warm up leftovers. After bouncing between the fridge and the pantry for a few minutes, I decided to land somewhere in between. Leftovers just weren't doing it for me, but I wasn't in the mood to thaw out a pack of chicken breasts either. So I grabbed a pouch of pasta sauce from my pantry, and the rest is history!

I grabbed a pouch of Bertolli's new Premium Vodka Rustica Pasta Sauce at HyVee a few weeks ago. Little did I know how new this stuff really was! I couldn't even find it listed on Bertolli's website, so I called customer service to find out why. This flavor was just released into stores in February and the website hasn't been updated yet. I am so glad that I called; the representative was extremely pleasant to speak with, and even offered to mail me a pack of coupons for Bertolli and other Unilever products - SCORE!

Whether or not you can find it online, head to your local store and find the real thing; you won't be disappointed! I absolutely hate to do dishes, and I hate to clean up sauce splatters all over my stove even more. With this inventive little pouch, there is no need to do either! Simply snip the corner of the pouch and microwave for 90 seconds - and voila! Dinner's done!

I used a 1 pound box of Barilla Cellentani Pasta - OOPS! My only complaint about the dish was that it was rather dry; not enough sauce to go around. I confirmed with the Bertolli customer service representative - since this is a 13 ounce pouch of sauce, you are only supposed to use a HALF a pound of pasta! DOH! Once again, I failed the "reading directions" portion of the test miserably. However, dry or not, the taste was fabulous! I love Vodka sauces because you get the best of both worlds - a little bit tomato, a little bit cream. This pouch packs the perfect amount of both, and is very savory (I really dislike sweet pasta sauces, so that's a big score in my book)! Add some Pillsbury Butter Tastin' Flaky Layers Biscuits (actually not my favorite - I'll stick to plain ol' Grands! from now on), sprinkle with a little Kraft Grated Parmesan, and you've got a perfect meal! And a special note to all of my coupon cutters out there - I bought each of these items on sale and/or with a coupon - DOUBLE SCORE!

Have you tried Bertolli Premium Pasta pouches? I'd love to hear your comments. I will definitely snatch up a few more pouches of the Vodka Rustica next time I'm at HyVee; I think I'll have to try the other flavors too (the Champignon and Portabella Mushroom will likely win my husband over)!

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  1. hi, I'm actually looking for a recipe for this pouch and penne pasta. Im cooking it for dinner tonight. I got the sauce for 79cents a pack at the 99.9CentONLYstore.